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5 top hospitality and hotel rules every great hotelier practices!

By on January 30, 2019

In a city like Bangalore where hundreds of people land in the city every day, no number of accommodations will ever be enough. The city is the hub of business and commercial activities and people from all walks of life arrive here for various purposes including business, personal, and even tourists. Our hotel near Bangalore airport is one of the handful accommodations that cater to all kinds of guests without any hassle. Regardless of what kind of a guest you are, it’s only fair that you expect the best accommodation service wherever you are staying. After all, as a guest, it’s your right to expect only the best of hospitality from the place you are staying at.

So what exactly makes a hotel the best at hospitality service? Is it luxurious rooms and facilities or comfortable spaces that make the guests feel at home or is it something else differently? Well, to be honest, all that depends on the guest as every guest has different expectations. But one thing that you can’t deny is that regardless of what their individual expectations are, there are several general requisites that are expected from every hotel. There are certain rules that every great hotel and accommodation service follow in order to offer the best service to its guests. Our hotel near Bangalore International airport also follows these rules that aid us delivering the best of hospitality to our guests. Read on to find out what these rules are.

5 rules every hospitality institution should follow for great service!

Listed below are our top 5 rules that aid in offering the best hospitality service to guests:

  • Professional concierge- Every hotel needs someone who represents what the hotel exactly stands for, a forerunner who makes every guest feel welcome. It is important that your hotel has a General Manager on the premises at all times greeting the guests and representing the hotel, this gives the guests a sense of reassurance that they are taken care of.
  • Sturdy team- A well trained and skilled team that is always there at the guest’s service will ensure the guest has a pleasant stay. It’s important that every employee of the hotel regardless of whether they are at the forefront or at the back of operations be genuinely interested in what they do. A good hospitality employee will make the guest feel welcome while simultaneously giving them their space.
  • Easy check-in and check-out process- No one likes a tedious check-in and check-out process. Develop a simple and easy system for these processes and make your guests’ lives so much easier and trouble free.
  • Personalised service- Observe your guests and take feedback to see if they need any special needs or requirements. For instance, the elderly might need additional safety arrangements in their room or a business guest would prefer a quieter room. Ensure you pay attention to your guest’s needs during their stay and offer them the personal service they need.
  • Thorough housekeeping- No one likes dirty rooms that are unkept and not cleaned every day. Ensure that your housekeeping staff cleans the rooms and every other part of the hotel premises to ensure that the place is hygienic and clean. There is no reason to not have the hotel rooms cleaned every day unless the guests specifically request for it to not happen.