Experience a boutique hotel which impacts on every sense within you

By on September 13, 2019

A boutique hotel must serve every purpose of the guest’s visit, be it his business, leisure and other objectives or purposes, the guest must fulfil all his objectives before checking out. The sole objective of a boutique hotel is to enrich the guest with multiple experiences during his stay at the hotel and convert his stay into a pleasant filled and invigorative experience. The boutique hotels are often built and themed to achieve a specific outcome and also to create an impact on the guest. While the boutique hotel might for sure offer the rooms with other facilities and features for the guest’s stay, but the most significant aspect is to create a lasting impression in the minds of the guests with the overall service which includes room service to interaction at the lobby and reception. Boutique hotels are generally built with a limited number of keys; the number of keys ranges from 15 to 100, there might be boutique hotels which has more number of keys to serve a different kind of purpose. But largely, the very idea of a boutique hotel is to have a small number of rooms with limited facilities which is ideal for the guests business visit.  

Attide hotels have a different kind of attitude

Attide hotels do have a different kind of attitude towards their guest, the walk the extra mile in every aspect and area of service and ensure that guest is delightful and happy. The very attitude at Attide hotels is to ensure the guest leave with a lasting impression in their minds. Attide hotels offer one of the best in service in every way, the comfort and luxury is well-suited for all kinds of business travellers. The well-appointed Executive Rooms, Superior Rooms and Suites cater to the guests needs from the basic levels to the highest levels, all the needs of the guests are taken care of to give him a pleasant-oriented stay at the hotel. Attide hotels’ services are tailor-made to suit every business need of the guest, the overall objective of the hotel is to make the guest feel relaxed and homely and inspire him to accomplish the purpose of his business visit. The guest need to thoroughly relax before venturing out for their business meetings, the relaxation should start impacting them from the moment they enter the hotel, sit in the lobby, enquire with the front desk and enter their rooms, all these experiences does impact the guest. The stay at the hotel is further enhanced while he stays or sleeps in the rooms; the rooms are aesthetically designed and built to provide the guest the most-relaxing experience of his lifetime, the articles within the room are ideally picked and chosen to make the guests feel at home and have a relaxing stay and sound sleep during the night time. The superior rooms are well designed by using light colors and interiors exude warmth and friendliness. The rooms are spacious enough and come with a closet, TV, mini bar, and an attached bathroom with other basic necessities. The rooms also has strategically located windows that make provision for natural lighting to enter the room. Next time when you do stay at Attide hotels, you are for sure to experience enriched and exuberant experience. Happy Staying!