Hotels in Bangalore International Airport Road

What are the best kind of hotels to stay at while on a leisure trip?

By on May 17, 2018

There are so many different kinds of hotels in Bangalore, there are at least 3 types of hotels in the Bangalore International Airport Road itself. These hotels are categorised based on their size, services they offer, the type of accommodation they offer, and many other factors. Bangalore being the business and commercial hub of South India has a wide range of accommodation options to cater to all kinds of crowd that come into the city. Listed below are some of the most popular types of accommodation in the city:

  • Budget hotel- Also known as lodges, these hotels are inexpensive and offer basic accommodation services and nothing else. These are best for people who want the most inexpensive type of accommodation.
  • Business hotel- Business hotels like our hotel near bangalore airport is the second most popular type of accommodation in the city. Pretty much every individual who comes to the city for the purpose of business stay at this type of hotel.
  • Resort- Resorts are luxurious and fit for people who want to have an experience of a vacation at the hotel itself. These are usually located a little far away from the center of the city away from all the hustle bustle and amidst nature.
  • Serviced apartment- Serviced apartments are best for long duration stays as they offer the comfort and convenience of a home. They also turn out to be quite light on the pocket in the longer run as you can save up on eating out by cooking meals at the apartment.

While these are the popular types of accommodations, not all of these are perfect for a tourist or someone who is visiting the city for leisure purposes. In this article we will talk about the best type of accommodations for different types of leisure travellers.

For the budget tourist

Let’s be real, travelling and exploring a new place is not cheap. Especially if you are travelling from far away, travel costs will take up most of your budget. In such situations, it’s understandable that one would want to save up on accommodation. We suggest that you choose budget hotels that are located a little far away from the city center or stay at a hostel to cut on accommodation costs.

For the tech savvy tourist

Be it for the tourist who wants to update all the pictures on instagram pronto or the traveller who can never leave business behind, business hotels are the best. These establishments offer a wide range of facilities that can be utilised by travellers other than corporate travellers. If you’d like amenities such as WiFi, packed lunches, laundry service, and more, it’s best to choose a business accommodation.

For the tourist who misses home

When you are on the road for too long, you will start missing home. For the traveller who misses home and wants to experience the warmth of a homely feeling, we suggest home stays and serviced apartments. Home stays ensure that you get to meet new people and mingle with them, even share a meal while you are at it while serviced apartments give you the comfort and peace of your own house.