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What do business guests look for in a hotel?

By on March 2, 2018

Bangalore stopped being the ‘garden city’ a very long time ago. It is now the hub of information technology companies in India and houses quite a few research and development companies. Every month, Bangalore receives a vast crowd of business travellers who come to the city to fulfil work commitments. To accommodate these guests, numerous business hotels have popped up in the city over the last couple of years. In fact, there are a few hotels near Bangalore airport that solely cater to business guests. Everyone has certain expectations when it comes to hotels, but business guests have higher expectations. Clean rooms and good location is just not enough. Business travellers want a hotel that facilitates their business trip with star services.

Most of the business guests coming to Bangalore book rooms near Bangalore airport if they are staying for just a day and save time on travelling. Some guests choose business resorts so that they can relax in between business commitments. Every business guest has different needs and requirements but there are certain things every traveller looks for in their accommodation. This article will discuss the key services and amenities every guest looks for in a business accommodation.


Most of the people who come to Bangalore on business usually don’t have the time to go sightseeing or relax. It’s all about the business commitment for them. Such guests want an accommodation that’s located close to the major business hubs in the city. Places like electronic city, whitefield, Hebbal, and Bannerghatta Road are some of the major business and IT hubs in Bangalore. Business hotels in and around these areas are most preferred by guests.

Airport pick up and drop off

Corporate travellers put convenience on top of their list when it comes to work related trips. Every business guests expect the hotel to offer airport pickup and drop off services. This will ensure that they don’t have to waste time and energy on booking cabs or arranging transportation to reach the hotel. This is very important to people who are new to the city and are visiting the place for the first time.

Spacious rooms

The more spacious and well designed the rooms, the happier the guest. Guests want the utmost comfort when they are on a business trip. For them, the hotel room is a place of comfort after a long day of hard work. It is very important that the rooms are not cramped and are designed and well equipped to make them feel the most comfortable. Rooms with a work desk, a nice view, and a balcony are preferable.

Good wifi connectivity

Work never stops and people on a business trip know this to be true. Everyone needs internet but business guests need it more since they will mostly be working even when they are at the hotel. A high speed complimentary wifi connection is a must have facility in any business hotel regardless of the scale of the hotel.

Restaurant and bar

Most of the times, business guests staying at the hotel invite their clients and business partners for drinks and dinner to discuss work. A multi cuisine restaurant and a well stocked swanky bar is the perfect place for these meetups. Business hotels that offer these services in addition to accommodation are always picked over ones that just offer rooms.

Business facilities

Conference halls and boardrooms are very important in every business hotel. This ensures that the guest does not have to look for another venue to host business meetings and gatherings. After all, who wouldn’t like getting everything they need under one roof!

There is a point if a hotel offers all these services but does not know how to treat the guests. Well trained staff that are always ready to assist the guests and accommodate their needs is imperative to a business hotel.