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What do attributes make for a good hotel near Bangalore International Airport

By on September 11, 2018

Bangalore might as well be called the ‘Hotel capital of India’ rather than ‘Silicon capital’. Even though we are just joking around about this it will not come as a big surprise if that actually ever happens. With the sheer number of hotels in the city, one might even think that it might be the main source of business here.Lodges, budget hotels, boutique accommodations, business hotels, resorts, the options are endless when it comes to accommodation choices in the city. True, there are thousands of hotels in the city but only a few of them stand up to good standards. In this article, we will be talking about what makes an accommodation unique and different from others, specifically, we will be talking about what makes hotels near Bangalore airport stand out. Read on to know all about the attributes or features that make for the best accommodation in this area.

All you need to know about what features and attributes make a hotel good near Bangalore airport!

Location– Since we are talking about accommodations near the airport, the location of the hotel definitely matters here. It is important that the hotel is within 15-20 minutes from the airport for it to claim it’s in close proximity. Attide hotel is just about 20 minutes away from the Bangalore airport and just off of the main road that connects the city to the airport.
Availability and suitability– The hotel should be available and open to all kinds of travellers. Versatility is very important in these cases and the place should not only welcome all kinds of guests but it should also be well equipped to serve them. The hotel should also make sure that they are easily accessible for bookings through online portals.
Wide range of rooms– The hotel should also consist of a wide variety of rooms to cater to guests of different tastes and budgets. For instance, at Attide we have basic rooms, business rooms, and luxury rooms for regular travellers, business travellers, and leisure travellers respectively.

Array of dining options- You can’t step out all the time to eat when you are staying at a hotel so it is very important that the hotel has a few dining options under its roof. It is important that a hotel have a restaurant for the main meals, a cafe for snacks and beverages, and a well-stocked bar on the property.

Facilities at the property- It is not enough that a hotel offers just accommodation. It is very important that it provides other services and facilities in addition to these. Conference room, event hall, gym, recreational facilities, and good dining options are a few of the facilities every guest deserves.

Hospitality and staff- We want nothing but to be treated like royalty when we go to hotels and one way to ensure that is through hospitality. The staff should be very welcoming and accommodating to the guests needs to ensure they have a wonderful stay.

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