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What facilities a business guest looks for while booking hotel rooms near Manyata Tech Park!

By on October 9, 2018

If you live in Bangalore, you would’ve definitely heard of the biggest tech parks- Manyata tech park. This business hub is not only popular with localities or people living in the city but it is also well known to IT people and businessmen outside of the city. It houses some of the biggest MNCs and domestic companies in the country. If you are coming to Bangalore for the purpose of business, high chances are that you will usually end up landing at this tech park. The place receives hundreds of visitors every month from different parts of the country and even the entire world.

People who come here for meetings and conferences usually end up having to stay in Bangalore for a few days or even months in some cases. There are quite a few accommodations around the tech park that offers the comfortable stay to all kinds of guests. But when you are a business guest, your requirement when it comes to a hotel and its facilities are quite different from what a regular customer would need. In this article, we will be discussing the top things that a business guest looks for in an accommodation when they are staying near Manyata tech park. Read on to know all about it.

Everything a business guest looks for in hotels near Manyata tech park!

It is quite obvious that as an individual everyone has different requirements when it comes to certain things including hotel bookings. The following list is a collection of some of the most general requirements:

  • Easy access- More often than not when you are on business, you don’t really have time for other things and you’ll be on a very tight schedule. To ensure that their schedule isn’t affected, most business guests looking for accommodations that are easily accessible and are at a reasonable distance from the tech park. It also helps if it is close to the airport as it saves time travelling.
  • Flexibility with timings- As someone on a work commitment, you’ll know better than anyone that your schedule can be a little erratic at times. Business guests can land in a new city at weird hours and need a hotel that will accommodate them at any time without any hassle.
  • Work friendly rooms- When you are on a business trip, the concept of relaxing barely exists as you will be working round the clock. Work-friendly rooms are impertinent to business guests staying at the hotel. Basic amenities such as complimentary WiFi, work desks in the room, 24/7 room service, and wake up call makes for work-friendly rooms.
  • Dining facilities- It is very important that the hotel has a restaurant and a bar in its vicinity as the guest might not have the time to step out for a meal or a nice drink.
  • Business facilities- Good WiFi connectivity, well-equipped conference rooms, and event halls for business gatherings are some of the basic business-related facilities that every guest would require.

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