Hotel near Airport

How is our hotel near Bangalore airport more than just a mere accommodation?

By on November 15, 2018

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘hotel’? For most of us, the meaning is quite simple and straightforward, it’s just an accommodation, a place to stay at when you are far away from home. While providing a roof and a bed for guests is the main purpose of the hotel, sometimes they are more than just accommodations. In a city like Bangalore, there is no dearth of hotels. You can choose from a variety of options including budget hotels, business hotels, resorts, lodges, and more.

In a city like this, staying at a hotel isn’t cheap and it’s only fair for you to want to get your money’s worth. One way to ensure that your stay at a hotel is satisfactory is by choosing the right hotel. By that, we mean a hotel that has more to offer than just good old accommodation. A place that will offer you a pleasant experience in addition to a comfortable stay. That’s exactly what our hotel near the airport does, it offers you so much more than a roof over your head and a room to sleep in. Want to know how we are more than mere accommodation? Read on to know all about it!

Attide- Much more than a hotel!

Located in Yelahanka at just 15 minutes from the Bangalore International Airport, Attide is a boutique hotel that offer accommodation and more to business and leisure travellers. Established a few years ago, this place is one of a kind and focuses on every aspect of hospitality to ensure the guests at the hotel enjoy the stay and take back wonderful memories with them. The wide range of amenities at the hotel keeps the guests happy, here is what we are talking about:

  • Food- There is one thing that we all miss more than our bed when we are staying away from our home, a good meal. As exciting as it is to explore the dining options in different places, not everyone can afford the time to do so, especially if you are visiting on a short trip or are too lazy to step out. To ensure our guests never miss a good meal, we have three dining venues at our hotel- a multi-cuisine restaurant, a cafe, and a bar. All serving delicious food and drinks.
  • Recreational facilities- Our hotel has a well-equipped gym that is easily accessible to all guests staying at the hotel. We want to make sure that you do not miss a single workout when you are staying with us and the gym helps you burn all the extra calories piled on during your trip.
  • Business facilities- Good Wifi connectivity, well facilitated conference rooms, and event halls are all available at the property to make the lives of business guests so much easier when they are staying with us.

Hospitable staff- Our staff members are not only well trained but they are also knowledgeable and will be always available to help you during your stay at Attide.