Hotel near Bangalore international airport

How is hospitality different at our Hotel near Bangalore airport?

By on July 24, 2018

One of the things that make your stay at a hotel memorable other than the accommodation facilities and other amenities is the hospitality at that hotel. Hospitality is the key to customer service and anyone running a hotel would know that. It does not matter how luxurious your rooms are and how nice your amenities are if your hotel falls back on hospitality, you are failing as a hotel and your customers will probably never come back. You would think that since it’s so obvious that hospitality is the key to customer satisfaction that all hotels would provide amazing hospitality services, sadly that is not the case. But you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to our Hotel near Bangalore international airport Attide.

The main reason for establishing this place was to provide a hospitable accommodation to people near the airport. Since the day of an establishment to date, we have been done everything in our capability to ensure that our guests are happy and that includes hospitality. We have been following stringent rules to ensure that we do not fall back when it comes to hospitality. Read on to know more about these stringent rules and how we have managed to stand apart from other hotels in this regard.

Hospitality at Attide- Everything you need to know!

Like we already mentioned, our hotel definitely is not like the other ones when it comes to certain things. While other hotels treat hospitality as a part of their duty, here at our property it means everything to us. It is one of the core values of our hotel. Read on to know how we make sure that we show it:</span

  • Warm welcome – When our guests come to our hotel, we ensure that they are welcomed like the royalty we believe they are. We assist our out-station guests from the moment they land in Bangalore which includes assisting them from the airport, giving them directions, sending a cab for them (if informed prior), etc. When they enter our hotel, we make sure the check-in process is done at the earliest possible so they can get to their rooms and relax.
  • Flexibility – We know that flight and train timings aren’t always convenient and that guests might end up landing at our doorstep at odd hours. Fret not, our guests’ can check-in at any time of the day or night in this matter. We also are quite flexible for late checkouts if informed earlier. Just make sure to discuss the same with our staff before you stay with us.
  • Convenience – One thing all our guests can expect out of us is convenience. From packed lunches to wake up calls, our intention is to make your stay at the hotel as comfortable and convenient as possible. Our wide range of services will ensure that your stay is convenient.
  • Response to requests – Our staff is not only trained well but they are people with values who understand how important guests are. They will be more than willing to handle any reasonable request with a smile on their face.