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How to get the best rooms at our hotel near Bangalore airport?

By on September 3, 2018

When it comes to hotels, we want the best of everything. In fact, isn’t that how it is with everything in life? But it is more so with some things, one of them being accommodations. Staying at a hotel is not an everyday experience for most of us. It is something that some of us enjoy immensely, whether you are in another city attending business or sightseeing, staying at a hotel and being treated like a guest feels nice. What can make the experience even better is staying in the best rooms at the property. Every accommodation has different types of hotel rooms from the most basic ones to the luxurious and high-end ones.

While there is nothing wrong with staying in the basic room, staying at that high-end room is a different experience altogether. At our hotel near Bangalore international airport, we have a wide range of rooms too from the basic one to the extravagant one. But more often than not our extravagant rooms are all booked out or are a little out of budget for some of our guests. We want our guests to have a wonderful experience when staying with us and if staying at the high-end room is what gives you that experience, we have a few tips on how to get those rooms.

Here is how to get the best rooms at our property!

These tips can surely help you get the best rooms at our property:

  • Book in advance– If you are afraid of the best rooms being sold out, then there is only one way to get them- book early. We suggest that you make the booking as early as possible so that we reserve it for you. Most of the people who try to book a room upon arrival are disappointed because the rooms are sold out. To avoid this, call ahead and make the booking.
  • Stay for a longer duration– If you are staying for a longer duration, our hotel turns into a home away from home for you and we only want our guests to be comfortable. We do not mind offering a discount on the extravagant rooms for guests who stay for longer durations at our hotel.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask- It’s as simple as that, just ask. Our staff is very hospitable and friendly and will be more than happy to upgrade your rooms for free if we have a vacancy. But this is possible only if the rooms are not occupied or are about to be occupied soon. So please do understand if we cannot always accommodate your requests.
  • Build a rapport- We have guests who stay only with us whenever they are in town, if you are one of them, we will be more than happy to move around some things for you. Also, becoming a member will give you an added advantage of getting discounts and preference in choosing rooms of your choice.
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