Hotels near Manyata tech park

Places to visit when you are staying near Manyata Tech Park on business?

By on December 13, 2018

Every month, hundreds of people visit Bangalore-The Silicon capital of India for business purposes. The city is home to numerous tech parks and has a whole area dedicated to the IT and manufacturing industry. One of the most visited tech parks in the city is Manyata tech parks. A lot of people visit the tech park every month as it houses many popular MNCs and domestic companies. Pretty much every single person who visits this place chooses to stay at hotel rooms near Manyata Tech Park than anywhere else in the city. There are several reasons for this. But off of the top of our head, these are the top reasons why people prefer staying near the tech park:

  • Manyata is located in Nagawara which is quite infamous for heavy traffic during peak hours. Staying away from the tech park means spending more time travelling.
  • Most of the people who come to the tech park from other cities commute through flights. Staying near the tech park will ensure you are close to the airport too as the tech park is just about half hour away from the airport.
  • The tech park is close to manny commercial points.

We have all heard about how all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Regardless of the fact that  you are on a business trip, it’s important to take some time out, explore the city, and have some fun. You can find a few hours away from your busy schedule to explore places in and around the area just before heading back to the city. If you are staying at a place like Attide, you are in luck since it is close to a lot of must-visit places in Bangalore. Let’s take a look at some of the top places you should check out when you are staying near Manyata tech park.

Places to check out near Manyata tech park for guests staying at Attide!

  • Nandi hills- If you are lucky enough to have a few hours of free time in the morning, we highly suggest that you visit Nandi hills to view a beautiful sunrise. Located within a hour and half drive away from Attide, this place is beautiful and a must on everyone’s list. You can take a cab to the place and there are quite a few eateries around the area where you can gorge on breakfast.
  • Dining places and breweries- Bangalore is the home of good food and good time. If you are in the city, you should definitely check out some of the local eateries in addition to the breweries. If you are scared of eating outside, we suggest you dine at one of our in-house dining venues at Attide for delicious and healthy food which includes the local cuisine.
  • Bangalore palace- If you are a history buff, Bangalore palace is where you should be. Not too far away from Attide, this place takes you right back to the time when royal families reigned over and is a treat to your eyes.