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What staff from our hotel near Bangalore airport want you to know!

By on October 31, 2018

There are several things that contribute to a good stay at a hotel, be it the facilities, services, rooms, or dining options. But without one important factor, all these factors will fail to impress the hotel guests no matter how good they are. We are talking about the hospitality at a hotel. Belonging to the hospitality industry, it is impertinent that hotels make guests feel welcomed and treat them right while they are staying at the hotel. But unfortunately, a lot of hotels do not realise the importance of being hospitable and focus on the superficial things.

But that is something you do not have to worry about when you are staying at Attide. At our hotel near Bangalore International Airport, we give a lot of importance to hospitality and how we treat our guests. From the security guard to the cleaners, receptionists, cooks, waiters, and even service staff, everyone is trained to be hospitable and make our guests feel warm and welcomed. But it’s not just the training, the staff are hired after thorough consideration after they undergo a stringent hiring process where we ensure that they are actually caring and fit for this industry. The behaviour of the staff plays an important role on your experience of staying at a hotel and here is what the staff at Attide want all the guests to know. Read on to know all about it.

What does the staff have to say?

The staff at Attide do not only have to go through a stringent hiring process but they also have to go through regular training sessions where they are taught how to interact with the guests staying at our property. Here is what the staff at Attide wants you to know:

  • We are accommodating- Even though we are mainly considered to be a business hotel, our staff is trained to cater to all kinds of guests. They are also aware of the weird timing schedule one will face during travel and will be more than happy to help you check in and check out in the wee hours of the morning or late hours of the night. They really do leave no stone unturned in ensuring our guests face no problem.
  • Open to requests and complaints- Need a different room or are you facing an issue with the room you just booked? Regardless of what hour it is, our staff will always be there to help you out with your requests and revert to complaints immediately.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene- Since our staff members are used to interact with the guests regularly, they are asked to maintain a strict code of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure the guests are comfortable. Be it grooming or hygiene, they are always on top of it.

Guide- If you are new to the city and need suggestions or helps regarding traveling around the place, our staff will be more than ready to help you throughout your stay. All you need to do is ask and you shall receive.