Hotels near Manyata tech park

Why are the hotels around Manyata tech park such a favourite among business guests?

By on February 26, 2019

Bangalore is a melting pot. The city has been a host to people from different cultures, walks of life, from different parts of the world and city for the last couple of decades. This is a city of opportunities and the hub of business and commercial activities. The city receives a lot of business guests every month. These

guests come here for meetings and corporate commitments. When it comes to accommodation, hotels near Manyata tech park are very popular amongst these corporate guests and for several valid reasons.

While Electronic city and Whitefield are the ones famous for being the business centers of the city, a lot of people tend to gravitate towards hotel rooms near Manyata tech park. The tech park is located in Nagawara, right next to the popular area called Yelahanka. This is definitely one of the oldest and biggest tech parks in the city and houses some  Multinational companies in addition to domestic companies. So what makes this location click? What is it about the place that’s so dear to business guests? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Why do corporate guests prefer hotels near Manyata?

Like we already mentioned, Manyata tech park is one of the most popular tech hubs in the city despite there being numerous tech parks in the city. The truth is more often than not, most of the business guests who come to the city from different states or countries usually have business in Manyata. For people who have business near Manyata, it not only makes sense to stay near their place of business but also is very convenient. But are there more reasons for this preference? Read on to know about the other reasons:

  • Proximity to the airport- If we are talking about hotels near Manyata, chances are that most of them are either located in Nagawara or Yelahanka. Both of the areas are very close to the airport at a mere 20-25 kms away. Most of the business guests who come to the city commute through flights and staying near the airport is definitely a convenience for them. Bangalore traffic is quite erratic and staying far away from the airport might sometimes result in people even missing out on flights due to the unpredictable traffic. As a result most people choose to stay in these areas regardless of their place of business.
  • Good location- Yelahanka is one of the popular commercial areas of the city. It is surrounded by commercial spots such as malls, movie theaters, restaurants, pubs,  shopping centers, and even hospitals, pharmacies, and more. Whatever you need, it’s always a stone’s throw away when you are staying here making it a very favourable spot for a lot of business guests.
  • Proximity to tourist spots and other cities- ‘All work and no play’ makes jack a dull boy. We’ve all heard of the saying and know better than to disagree with it. Just because you are on a business commitment doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. More often than not, corporate guests who visit the city, especially for the first time prefer to do a bit of sightseeing. Staying at Yelahanka provides the perfect opportunity for this as it is close to numerous tourist hot spots such as Bangalore Palace, Nandi hills, Indira Gandhi musical fountain, Cubbon park, and more.