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Must have amenities in every hotel room!

By on February 6, 2018

When you book a hotel, the first thing that most of us take into consideration is the state of the hotel room. Regardless of whether you are staying at a hotel on the purpose of business or leisure, you’ll definitely be spending a good amount of time in the room. But it’s not enough if your hotel room is pretty and comfortable, it also needs to be equipped with basic amenities. It is true that for some people the location of the hotel is more important the state of the rooms. But regardless of whether you book rooms near Bangalore airport or in the city, basic room amenities is something you shouldn’t compromise on.

But what classifies as basic room amenities? A private pool? No, that’s something you should expect when you choose a honeymoon suite not a standard room! Fancier room come with fancy amenities but we are not going to focus on that. We are going to focus on three types of rooms- Standard room, superior rooms and executive rooms. Attide, our hotel near Bangalore International Airport offers both of these rooms, so we do know what we are talking about.

Amenities in a standard or superior room

Standard or superior rooms are usually well suited for leisure travellers. These are the most basic type of rooms available at pretty much every hotel.

  • Good lighting- It is important the room has good lighting and by that we mean, at least 4 different light points. Strategically located lighting points help you control the lighting in your room.
  • Comfortable bed- This goes without saying. A comfortable bed with clean sheets is a must for a good night’s sleep. It’s even better if they have silk pillows, frizz free hair we say!
  • TV- Yes, all hotels have a TV but not many come with free satellite channels. A TV that’s not 20 years old with free satellite channels makes for a good stay.
  • Tea/Coffee maker– A tea/coffee maker with tea bags, coffee pods/powder, milk powder, and sugar is very necessary.
  • Fresh towels and toiletries- Not many hotels provide toiletries and honestly, we think that’s quite unfair. Toiletries from a good brand and fresh towels everyday will leave the guests feeling fresh.

Amenities in a business/executive suite

Business or executive rooms as the name suggests is best suited for business guests. These are the best kind of rooms for business guests if they want to get the best out of their stay.

  • Good lighting and comfortable bed- A well lit room with a clean and comfortable bed is compulsory in every kind of room including budget rooms.
  • Work desk- Business doesn’t take a break and we understand that. A work desk in a business room will ensure that you get to work without feeling out of place.
  • Free wifi- Be it checking emails or actually working, a complimentary strong wifi connectivity is imperative.
  • Coffee percolator- Only a hot cup of strong caffeine can help you burn the midnight oil. A coffee percolator with all the necessary condiments is important for those days (or nights) when business keeps you up.