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Why dine at our restaurant out of all the restaurants in Yelahanka?

By on September 18, 2018

Bangalore is every foodie’s dream, the place is a melting pot of different cultures and as a result, is accustomed to serving all sorts of cuisine not only from India but from different parts of the world. Though Bangalore might be known for its authentic South Indian dishes such as masala dosa, idli, Kesari bath, jamoon, etc, it’s not hard to find authentic Aglio olio pasta or a nice plate of steak. Whatever you are craving for, you can find it here in Bangalore. While there are restaurants that serve only specific cuisines, we also have multi-cuisine restaurants apart from bars, cafes, pubs, lounges, and more.

Yelahanka is one of the most popular parts of the city, a commercial and business hub of the city, it has everything one would need. From small street – side stalls, local eateries, cuisine speciality restaurants, pubs, bars, and multi-cuisine restaurants, you can find it all here. In this article, we will be talking about one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in Bangalore which is none other than our very own Urban Flavours. Find out why you should pick our restaurant out of others in Yelahanka. What are you waiting for? Read on!

Attide’s Urban Flavours – What you need to know!

Urban Flavours is located at our very own boutique hotel Attide, known for its delectable food and impeccable service, the restaurant has made a name for itself amongst the locals. At our restaurant, we serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes from cuisines from all over the world. Our speciality is in our ability to maintain the authenticity of the cuisine even though it’s not from our country. Be it a simple entree or a main course dish, you can rest assured that the dish does justice to its cuisine.

The food at Urban Flavours is prepared by gourmet chefs using only the freshest of ingredients. We do not believe in preparing our food beforehand since it takes away from the taste of the dish. Everything is prepared freshly and with high-quality ingredients. Hygiene is paid the utmost importance and all our kitchen staff maintain a strict code of hygiene to ensure the food is not contaminated.

Why dine with us / choose us?

At Urban Flavours, our main aim is to make every meal a memorable one with our delicious food, amazing ambience, warm service. You get to choose from a wide range of cuisines when you dine with us. Though we pride ourselves on maintaining the authentic taste of the cuisine, we will be more than happy to make alterations to suit your taste preference. We usually have a buffet happening for lunch or dinner which means that you get to gorge on a variety of delicious food for an unbelievable price. In short, you should definitely try dining at our place if you are looking for delicious food, a warm service, clean kitchen, reasonable prices, and variety.

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