Rooms near GKVK

How is our accommodation near GKVK perfect for families with children?

By on August 11, 2018

GKVK or popularly known as the University of agricultural sciences, this is one of the most sought-after universities in India for agricultural education. This is the center for agricultural studies and research and anyone who wants to pursue a future in the field of agriculture. Hundreds of people visit Bangalore every few months just to visit GKVK, either for the purpose of studying there or working at the agricultural institute.

Students who come here to look at the campus or get an admission in the university usually are accompanied by their parents especially if they are from another city or town. And when they do come here, they’ll have to stay in the city for a day or two till their commitments are complete. In situations like this, people will have to book an accommodation if they do not have a place to stay in the city. If you are a family visiting GKVK or any other place in the same area or near the Bangalore airport and need a decent accommodation, our place is perfect for you.


Our boutique hotel houses some of the best rooms near GKVK. We also offer a wide range of facilities other than just classy and affordable rooms. Read on to know everything about our property and why you and your family should stay with us if you are visiting GKVK or even when you are just visiting Bangalore.

  • Good surroundings – The hotel is located in a very nice area away from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet, not too far away from all the major spots in the city including the airport. The fact that it is located off of the main road ensure that you won’t be facing any traffic noise at ungodly hours and otherwise.
  • Family friendly rooms – We host all kinds of guests including tourists and business guests and hence, have designed our rooms to suit everyone’s needs. Our rooms are family friendly with their pleasant design and high-end amenities. In case you wish you to stay in the same room as a family, you can do so by opting for an extra mattress that comes at a reasonable charge.
  • Suitable services – Be it services for the mom and dad or relaxation for the kids, we have facilities for everyone here. A gym will ensure that you keep fit while you are staying with us and the complimentary WiFi will ensure that your kids stay connected to their world without any hassle.
  • Wide range of dining options – We house one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in the city but that is not all there is at Attide. We also have a cafe that is perfect for all your snacks, beverage, and dessert needs and a bar that serves the best drinks and appetizers.
  • Easy connectivity – The hotel can easily be accessed through public and private transport from anywhere in the city and vice-versa.