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Rules that we adhere by at our Hotel near Bangalore Airport!

By on May 3, 2018

When we decided to establish our property, we knew that it wouldn’t be hard to stand out amongst our competitors as there weren’t many hotels near Bangalore airport. But we still knew that to be the best in the hospitality industry, we had to focus on the key factor that helps any institution like ours thrive- hospitality. The main purpose of being in an industry other than making money is to deliver quality service and ensure customer satisfaction. Regardless of how big your brand is or how well established your hotel is, it all goes in vain if your customer doesn’t like your service.

At Attide, our main priority has always been customer satisfaction. When we began operations at our property, we laid down some ground rules that would help us serve our guests better and ensure that they have an experience they won’t forget for all the good reasons when they stay with us at our property. These are very simple rules that we have been following ever since we established. Read on to know more about them.

Hospitality rules every hotel can implement!

Listed below are rules that every member of the staff at Attide follow:

  • Prompt response– When you book a room at our hotel, we contact you to confirm the booking so that you have no doubts about the same. When the guest arrives at the hotel, we try to check them in as soon as possible as we do not like to keep our guests waiting.
  • Clean premises– The premises of a property is what creates the first impression. We work very hard to make sure that our garden is kept trimmed and the surroundings of the hotel is cleaned everyday. After all, no one likes stepping into a place that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks.
  • Hygiene– Our staff are instructed to maintain utmost hygiene when they are at the property regardless of whether they are serving a guest at that moment or not. This also applies for all our chefs at the hotel, they all follow a strict code of hygiene while cooking and use only the freshest and cleanest produce.
  • Conversing with the guests– We make sure to converse with our guests when they are staying with us to check if everything is going well. Some guests might be hesitant to make a request and we feel that reaching out first to them might help. We also respect our guest’s privacy and ensure not to intrude.
  • Attention to special needs– Every guest has different needs when it comes to accommodation, dining, and other services. If a guest wants a non smoking room or a particular view, we make sure they get that. And if there are guests with special dietary and taste preference, we do our best to make sure that their needs are met.

These might seem like really simple rules, but they definitely help in keeping a guest happy when they stay at our property.