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Top room designs for the best hotel rooms ever!

By on February 1, 2018

Humans are visually oriented by birth. We are drawn to things that are pleasing to the eye, be it another person, an object or a place. Like moths drawn to a flame, we are drawn to anything that is pretty. This is applicable to places we go to or stay at. Technically, the design of a hotel should not matter to us since we go there just for the accommodation. But that’s not really the case, is it?

Whether it’s a hotel near Bangalore airport or one in the city, we pick a hotel based on how it looks. It’s just how we are wired. A well-designed hotel will attract more customers than one with a boring design even if they offer the same facilities. Hotels have realised that guests are attracted to well designed and interesting hotels and have started changing. Considering that the guests spend most of their time inside the rooms, it’s important that the rooms are well designed. There are certain design elements that will make your hotel rooms attractive. Let’s take a look at these design elements!

Monochrome theme

A monochrome themed room is best suited for business suites and rooms. This kind of a theme incorporates no more than two colours of contrasting shades that are not too bright. It is also important that the furniture, curtains, and bedding in the room are the same colour shade as the walls.

Muted tones with bright accents– These kinds of rooms offer the best of both bright and muted colours. The whole room is done up in muted colours such as beige, white, cream, brown, etc and has accents in bright colours. The bright colours can be incorporated in the form of paintings, pillows, duvet, wall hangings, and other furniture. At our star hotel near Aerospace Park, we have incorporated the same theme. The rooms are done up in white with furniture in earthy colours and orange accents.

Colourful– Some hotel rooms include a very colourful theme to make the room look welcoming. Bright colours that complement each other are used in the rooms to make it look lively. These kind of designs are usually popular in hotels located at vacation spots. It is also the most used theme in dorms and hostel accommodations.

Details– Even the tiniest detail can make a room or ruin it. These details can be anything from a small painting to a green wall. At Attide, we have a green vertical room in the seating area in some of our rooms. This detail brings a touch of nature into the rooms and makes the room look warm and welcoming.

Nice bathrooms– Who doesn’t love hotel bathrooms that have the feel of a spa? Simple elements such as bright lighting, organic or fragrant toiletries, sliding doors, and a big mirror are all you need to make a bathroom look beautiful. A floral or abstract laundry basket can be a nice touch too.