Hotel near Bangalore international airport

Why stay at our hotel near Bangalore airport when you are on a business trip?

By on July 12, 2018

Bangalore is such a city that anyone visiting the city will be happy to do so whether it’s for the purpose of business or leisure. The city gets hundreds of visitors every month who come here for various reasons. Being the business hub of Karnataka, the city has also earned the name ‘Silicon city of India’ and houses some of the major MNCs and domestic companies. Being such a big business hub, the city does receive a lot of business guests every month. While some of them fly in for a couple of hours, others stay for days, weeks, and even months.
To cater to these guests, a lot of business hotel have popped up all over the city at convenient locations offering a wide range of business accommodation services. Our hotel, Attide, is also one of them. Though our property caters to all kinds of guests (business and leisure), we do receive a lot of corporate guests. Our hotel near Bangalore international airport is located near one of Bangalore’s biggest tech parks, Manyata tech park and is also a mere 20 minutes away from the Bangalore airport. Our property is not only perfect for people visiting Manyata tech park, it’s perfect for any business guests travelling to Bangalore especially on the flight. Read on to find out why our property is perfect for all business guests.

Attide- The perfect abode for business guests

  • Traffic- Bangalore is known for many beautiful things but the horrid traffic is not one of them. Bangalore is a busy city with thousands of people moving to the city for good, as the number of people moving to the place has increased, so has the traffic. Travelling from one part of the city to the other can takes up to 5 hours at times and that’s not something anyone will look forward to. The airport is located quite far from the city and the commute to the airport is quite a long one especially during peak hours. Staying at Attide makes that journey to the airport so much easier as there is no traffic on the way from the hotel to the airport. The road connecting the hotel to the center of the city is also not as crowded which guarantees that you reach any place in less time.
  • Facilities- Though our property is not exactly a business hotel, it offers all the amenities and facilities of one. We have a well-equipped conference room and event hall where guests can host their meetings and corporate events. We also offer complimentary WiFi for all our guests and this can really come in use for our business guests. The property also houses a multi-cuisine restaurant, cafe, bar, and gym.
  • Hospitality- Our property believes in treating guests like family. No matter what request you have, our staff will be more than happy to help you out with it.