Hotels near bangalore International Airport

Why we believe Attide to be the best hotel near Bangalore airport!

By on May 26, 2018

There are so many hotels in Bangalore that it sometimes gets hard to keep count. There are hotels in every part of the city from the city center to the outskirts. Finding accommodation won’t be hard here, but finding the right kind of accommodation in a particular place can be a bit of a task. Most of the travellers who come to the city for a short visit usually prefer to stay near the airport as it is much more convenient than staying at the center of the city. Staying near the airport will help guests save time on the commute back to the airport when they are leaving Bangalore.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many hotels near the airport and Attide is one of the only few hotels near Bangalore International airport. But out of the few hotels present in the area, we do believe that we are the best. Narcissism? No, just a keen observation. There are several reasons as to why we think we are the best in the field, in this article; we will take a look at all those reasons that make Attide the best hotel in the airport vicinity.

What makes us the best!

  • Location–  Attide is located at a very strategic location at just 15 minutes away from the airport and 20 minutes away from the city center. The hotel is located just off the main road that connects the city to the airport. Its location ensures that guests don’t have a hard time locating it and it is easily accessible through public and private transport.
  • Property– When we started building this property, utmost care was taken to design the property elegantly and that’s exactly what it reflects now. The property stands tall in light colours against the bright blue skies of Bangalore. It exudes class and elegance at first sight itself.
  • Rooms– We have a wide range of rooms to suit everyone’s taste. We know that not everyone wants luxurious rooms and for some, basic accommodation is more than enough. Hence, we have everything at our property from basic and neat rooms to high-end classy rooms.
  • Dining facility– With the wide range of exquisite dining options at the hotel, one wouldn’t feel the need to step out of the hotel to enjoy a nice meal or even a strong drink. The property houses a multi-cuisine restaurant, a cafe, and a bar, all managed by an efficient staff and gourmet chefs.
  • Additional facilities– The convention hall and the boardroom make the property a one-stop shop for everyone. Guests who stay at the property can arrange get-togethers, parties, and host a business conference at the property without any hassle.
  • Proximity– What makes our property even more special is its proximity to commercial and business places in the city. It’s just 10 minutes away from Manyata Tech Park, one of the biggest IT parks in Bangalore and just a stone’s throw away from Columbia Asia hospital.